Feb 1, 2012

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

Days are going by at the same pace it has since the first tick-tock of the world. Second by second, minute by minute, all days measure the same. 24 hours, each of them made of 60 minutes, each of which is composed by 60 seconds, and a second is a blip. Yet now time seems to fly. It was New Year not so long ago, and my boyfriend and I were taking a plane back to Costa Rica, from the beautiful, paradisal Dominican Republic, where the party is eternal, and the priorities in life have shifted from the material to the emotional. Now it's already February, and tomorrow will be the birthday of Tuesday Writer, and Imbolc - all in one and quite befitting.  Snow melts, allergies rise like the tide - and I'm riding one of those motherfuckers as we speak - and life changes.

Today started different from yesterday. I didn't have to wake up insanely early, for I didn't have to go to work: I took out vacations for my dentist appointment, and since I have to appointments - today and tomorrow - and both of them are big - cordal extractions - I also took Friday for "surgery recovery". Don't get me wrong, my dentist is an angel sent to Earth to do teeth, but once you are out of his office and the anaestetics wear off, it's like you were hit by a truck on the jaw. Besides, who goes back to work on Friday after half a week out?

I've got plenty rest - all recorded now by my trusty and wonderful Fitbit ^_^ - and now here I am, sitting home,  a bit bitchy because I can't do much exercise and push up my badges on fitbit.com, and eating baby food. I don't bitch about the baby food, I love baby food! Tooth extraction is just a good excuse to indulge on industrial amounts of baby food. Of course, not any baby food, only prune and peach. Who the hell would eat meat and veggies? Or mango and banana? :-P

Unlike many people, I actually like extractions, though I'd only agree to the extractions of my judgment teeth, all others only if the replacement is right there - I'm quite vain -. Unlike caries or cleanings, extractions don't involve any buzzing, and I hate that irking, vibration that feels like scratching a blackboard. So, basically I went to the doc hopping and smiling and came out the same, and can't wait for tomorrow to get my next out-of-this-world experience!

But what for the rest of the day? In here, with the days going tick-tock, tick.tock, knowing and I'm left only 3 more days of work, it downs to me that it is really time to take account of my belongings and start to pack. Oh dear, fit my like in a suitcase... or two... or four (and hand luggage). Get down to finish some letters, work on a scrapbook project I'd like to finish for tomorrow and then wonder and pray... whether I'll be able to go to yoga on Sunday. I certainly would love to see how my fitbit likes that. 

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the days go by and a new season starts where the old one ends.

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