Jan 8, 2012


Today was the first yoga class of the year. Woohoo!! I was missing it! The energy, the meditation, the scent of burning ylang-ylang or peppermint oils or sandalwood inciense, the mats, the soft words and the waking up after shavasana that makes you feel like a goddess freshly come to Earth. Didn't miss the freaking chaturanga, the warrior in No.X position and all the freaking "stand on the ball of your foot and turn upwards stretching all of your limbs..." and other Plastic Man like positions.

I went as usual with Laura, and without Alix and MJ. Then again these two are long lost for yoga, for they haven't been skipping classes for many months now. The yoga class was easy, relaxed, though that didn't keep the instructor from twisting us into all sorts of half moons and grab-your-leg-behind-you in positions that made us look like a birdcage on a stick. Except me, who can hardly reach my leg or keep myself in that position. I'm really not flexible.

There was this time a newbie, an old university classmate of ours. Laura had ran into her some time ago and invited her to the class. It was cool seeing her again, and as usual, after the class we stayed behind talking and catching up. How much time has been passed, how we doing... and then came the time of talking about the "sightings". Who from the group have we seen and how they are. Baby-face boys gone fat and looking aged - or down right worn down by life - who has gotten married, who had children, and then the horrors: which of us  - who were always crappy students - became profesors at our university. From the gossips to the realities filtering through them, it was sad to realize we studied in better times, when the focus was more on the quality of the education, on the connection between the academical knowledge and the applying to the real life, rather than what goes on now.

Mediocre students are now heads of Masters' Departments and get scholarships abroad, while the best students get fired because they dare to expand their horizonts by working at other enterprises, and that, inflaming the anger of the Director and his jealousy for having underlings making more money, cut them out of the payroll.

Who remained the same, who got fat, who went thin... why have we all stranded so far away from each other? I guess life has the tendency of changing completely your environment, wiping away friends and camarades, team mates and partners in crime if you don't hold into them with all you have. But from time to time, like the UFO sightings, a wave of time washes ashore an old friend, and thus you keep the fragile web alive.

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