Apr 25, 2009

Bag: Exposed

Well, I finally took the courage and did it. I went to my brother's old room and bumped my stuff on the bed... because that's bigger and the cover is white. I ended up making several pictures, suddenly getting a kick out of taking pictures almost in a CSI fashion. Anyway, let's get the show started.

First of all, I made two pictures of my bag: the black one is what could be called my "regular" bag, and the yellow is the backpack I've been using these days to carry all my stuff. Along with my bag, I also carry now a flax bag in case I end up carrying more stuff, to suplement my bag if I chose to go with a smaller one, but mainly in case I go to the grocery store, or do any shopping I have an eco-friendly bag to carry my stuff and so I can reject the plastic bags stores usually push on us. Making a parenthesis here, I'd like to note how happy I am to see more and more flax bags around in different stores.

A few months ago, when I started carrying first my own reused plastic bags to reject as many plastic bags as possible, some people looked at me funny, and then they smiled, and then some came and told me they started doing the same. Of course, I wasn't the one starting it, but I do was one of those loners starting by themselves before the fashion caught up. Now the industry is helping on with this, and I'd really like to take the chance and invite everybody to have a bag, flax bag, paper bag, plastic bag... any, it doesn't matter, really, only have one on you and reject all new bags from the stores and help our planet, okay? Can I count on you?

Back to the bag... I really made a lot of pictures, of the stuff I was really carrying and the stuff I usually carry. So, I decided, just now, that I'll publish what I usually carry instead of the whole shebang. So, let's get it going.

On bulk, I carry my journal, which I can let go or I'll feel lost. Worry not, I write it in Hungarian, so if it falls in wrong hands... good luck trying to read it! As for what I'll do when I move to Hungary... probably write in code or something. I'll figure that out later. There's a book because I HAVE TO have a book on me all the time, my "memory notebook", my Oriflame orders notebook, wallet, coin purse, card holder and cards, keys, company ID, Renu, contact case, PDA, mobile, hands free, antibacterial gel, chapstick, Salbutamol pump, gum, paper tissue.

My eyes are becoming somewhat sensitive, and so I protect them with sunglasses, which sometimes are in my bag, sometimes on my head or hanging from my shirt. These days I also pack an umbrella.

As you might imagine, the pencil case. Black ink pens (I would like to know why I carry three, so I'll be removing two), black ink fountain pen, red marker with thin and medium ends, peach-pink highlighter pen, green led automatic pencil, black led automatic pencil, black ink cartridges, black led, three pendrives, eraser, computer mic, earphones.

Yes, finally, the make-up bag. Finishing powder compact, mirror compact (why two? I don't like to flash out a compact when I want to check my contacts or something. I find that somewhat... vulgar), nail cleaning stick, black eyeliner pilot pen, Nózi, lip gloss, hand cream, another Salbutamol pump, Nivea cream (I use it mostly for my face), a small tinbox of mints, candy, eyebrow plucking pliers, nail clipper, sanitary pad, tampons, hair clips (on an old credit card. Try it out! It keeps them tidy and avoids loosing them or having them getting around), two larger hair clips, menstrual painkiller pills, two pairs of earings and a comb.

Usually I also keep a couple of hairbands, but I have found also that larger hairpins or hairclips can help me hold my hair in a bun, which with a hair as long as mine can me more refreshing that pulling it up in a ponytail.

You may wonder whether I keep condoms on me. I normally do, and actually I usually keep three on me. I have only one on me right now for I had used up the other two some weeks ago, and haven't yet come around to replace them. ^_^ I forgot to take two from our home stash just to keep me loaded and ready for action. ^_~

Well, this is my bag. What's in your bag?


Dragonfly said...

Bueno Zsu, siempre me parece super interesante esto del contenido de los bolsos... la verdad es que en un bolso de chica puedes encontrar realmente TODO, lo que sea. Yo en algun momento anduve un desatornillador, una llave francesa...

Ahora, me encanta la idea de lo bolsa para las compras... acá en casa tenemos un arsenal de bolsas para ir por el diario. Esa que te regalo Kari esta muy linda.

Yo creo que definitivamente, el cambio lo hace uno.

Besos :)

Feliz fin de semana

Storm Bunny said...

Bueno, yo no he llevado desatornilladores o llaves francesas, pero creo que sí he cargado cubiertos más de una vez. ^_^ Una cobija de avión, medias extra, pantimedias, un paňito para la época de lluvias, zapatitos planos... de verdad que si te fijas en lo que llevas en el bolso en época seca y en época lluviosa, en época lluviosa llevas muchísimas más cosas!

Comparto que el cambio lo hace uno, pero creo que ante todo, empieza por uno mismo. La idea de la bolsa de compras, pues es cuestión de "pregonar la palabra" para que más y más gente tome conciencia. ^_^ Y sabes que ese puede ser un proyecto muy lindo? Regalarle a tus amigos una bolsa de manta hecha por tí. ^_^