Apr 10, 2009

On The Road

We are in the car, running towards Mezőkövesd, to go lunch with János and Marcsi, Jules' parents. The weather is... warming up quite steadily. The landscape I usually see glistening in frost is now swelling up in luscious, soft, lively greens. Here and there thick walled houses in stone gray, yellow, white and orange line up the road, here and there among lots of trees stretching thin branches into the playfully swirling air. This is my home in Spring. The sky is one uniform mlass of milky blue. No mountains embroid the egdes of the land, like at Costa Rica.

I forgot the camera at home, so there will be no pictures to come with this words, which is a shame. My home is so beautiful! As we run deeper to the country... to the North, North-East. This land is covered with the kind of flora and the kind of forest I like. These are woods. Woods and lakes and hills. The trees have, on some of them, some strange things that look loke balls of some other kind of plant. Some trees have only one, others have more and others are completely covered by them. I didn't know that they were, and so my aunt explained to me that it was some kind of parasite that kills teh trees, and it's hard to remove. It hurts me to see them on the trees. People say they are beautiful, but I believe them disgusting.

The days are going by and flowing into the past. There's still a lot of people to see, a lot of things to do, and day by day there's less and less time to do it. Time becomes hard to manage. But then again, I'm getting a few things done. For once, and this makes me very happy, I've got my eyes examinated and YES! I can wear lens again. Of course, not any kind of lens, which they never cared to check in Costa Rica, only either some Ciba or Bausch&Lomb. I picked the Bausch&Lomb because I know them, even though I have never used them before. When I told my doctor what kind of lens I used to use (Focus), here eyes bulged out. Well, I guess thgat's what damaged my corneas back then. Thanks Hyne I was careful with my eyes since January and my corneas built up some. I can't use coloured lenses (so far) because those are thicker and don't let so much air pass to the eye, like these ones. Well, I don't mind sporting my brown eyes instead of my green ones, I'm simply happy I don't have to use my glasses.

I'm happy!

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Dragonfly said...

Realmente me alegro que seas feliz... pero no te perdono que no vengan fotos... :(

Besos ;)