Apr 22, 2009

A Matter of Beard

You might think otherwise, but as I look at the pictures of my boyfriend, I've come to the conclusion that he does look better with beard and mustache. He does have a pretty face, but rather long, with a long neck. His jaw narrows down instead of widening, like in the case of a square jaw, and that sometimes give you the weird sense that his face goes melting into his neck. A beard, nicely trimmed, but there, particularly the lovely beard he has, blond with sparkles of firey red liting it here and there making it richer, gives his face definition, at the same time it renders a graceful, wise softness. His allure becomes more that of a man, rather than some juvie doll. Maybe we should see him with short hair, or shorter hair, maybe that changes his features significantly and the beard is no longer needed to give humanity to his face, but right now, his beard, even if a lot of people advocates against it, becomes an enticing feature on him.

Well I guess he should take advantage of it while he has it.


Dragonfly said...

Se ven muy bien juntos hacen linda pareja...

Besos ;)

Storm Bunny said...

Muchas gracias!!! Pues sí, en algunas fotos nos vemos bien, en otros... waaaah~, pero creo que lo importante es que lo amo y me ama. ^_^ En esta foto en particular me encanta lo bien que se le ve el color de los ojos. AZULES!