Apr 13, 2009

It's Eastern!

Happy Eastern to all of you, boys and girls! Many of you are going back to work today, but I ain't! I still have one week of happiness! Weee-hee!! Then back to the mines, with all of you, but even so, I had this year an extra gout of fresh, lovely, homely air. My dear friend Dragonfly rightfully demanded some pictures on my blog. Well, she's absolutely right: I'm traveling on far-far away lands, where the sun shines different and the air has a taste of ancient, and yet I have shared not even one picture with you. So I was thinking, I should give you a few pics. Problem is that I actually have very few pics, since I've been engaged in... other activities different than taking pictures, you mind.

Well, this picture to the right is Kari and I in front of the Kunsthistorische Muzeum in Wien, where we went to score my glass of candy... but there was not, soe we were "stuck" staring at the art of the Italian Masters. I can't get enough of Tizian, I tell you. The kid we asked to make the picture concentrated more on the building than on us, which is why you can't see our feet. Those two days in Wien were great. Well, what can I tell you? Wien is a wonderful city to visit, even if they are boarding up the entire city because they pick that precise moment to refurbish the whole shebang. Why can't they do the remodelations little by little?

We really, didn't made that many picture... I think we made two more, goofy pictures and that was it. But if you want, I'll share with you one of them, for all of you to have a good laugh at it. Here we are posing as "celebrities".

Hehehehe... Well, maybe more like blinds than celebrities, but that's the point.

There's also a fresh picture I want to share with all of you, one I just took. It's a picture of our first "common asset", which is a plant.

I saw it and I wanted it. Kari doesn't have any plants that have flowers, only greens, and I find that a bit darkening and depressing, so I asked him if we could get one (because in a week it will be his responsability, and we won't be living here, so the plant should be moved eventually... and moved by him, you mind), and he said it was okay. So I went to this tiny flowershop on the corner of the Márvány street and the Királyhágó and choose it among the selection of other plants there. First of all, it's not blue, it's purple. I call it Sunshine, and talk to it in English constantly. Hopefully it will bloom a lot and grow pretty and strong. I'm not much of a gardener, but I really like Sunshine.

Now, if you don't mind, I'll go wash the Keraflex out of my hair and change, because we have to be at Kari's Mom's place in... 30 minutes. ^_^

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Dragonfly said...

Me encantan las fotografías, lo bien que se ven juntos, la matita, y los anteojos tuyos, están divinos.

Me alegro también que aún sigas disfrutando de las vacaciones.

Besos ;)