Apr 26, 2009


I'm so blessed. I really am, and not only for having someone like Kari at my side, but also for the wonderful friends God has put in my path. Since yesterday the passage of 1 Corinthians 13 from the bible keeps coming up in my mind, and though I can't recall the entire chapter by heart, it's topic, "The Ways of Love" touches me deeply. Well, thing is that these ways also apply to friends. Wherever love can have a place, love have something to do, somehow this passage fits.

The one message that has touched me so deeply this morning was the comment Dragonfly left on my prior entry, as well as the mail she sent me to keep in contact with me through Skype. I can say I've made true friends here that will keep with me and whom I'll treasure in my heart forever. No ocean, no land, no distance and no time can ever break our love and friendship, and that means the world to me. My friends have ways to tell me that they love me, that they want to see me happy, that they support me and that they'll miss me when I'm gone. It brings tears of gratitude and joy to my eyes. If I could I'll put them all in my pocket and take them with me wherever I go. However we all have lives and we all have our own paths and destinies to which we walk day after day. My steps take me back to my birthland, my birth town, where I've been happy and where my place is.

I'm happy here as well, and God knows I do love this country even if I bitch so much about it and even if I'll always prefer my beloved Hungary over this. And it's not only due to it's beaches and landscapes, it's slightly wet and so warm air that seems to bring Cacique in it to make everybody feel like everyday is party day. And, well, my friends, that extended family that grows around you and nurtures you with love, which you nurture as well with as much love as you can give, warms you, becomes an organic, an important part of your life, and also makes life so much better and so much prettier. And it's not just another Kodak moment, or Hallmark postcard message, it is the fact, the truth and what lies in my heart: friends are the salt of the world. And then some are the tabasco, the tequila, the lemon, the nachos, the music, the lights... and, yeah, no matter the moment, or how fucked up things seem to be or are, they make you feel better.

Some of my good friends will remain here, always here, some others will depart whether I leave or not, such as, I believe, our sweet Dragonfly will one day not far from this day, flap her glossy wings and go to the place where her heart lives: Mexico. Though the strange thing is that I have this "sense", this feeling of seeing her "South". Particularly Chile and Argentina come to my mind. Then again, maybe it's something else.

We all must go or we all must be there where our hearts live, there were our place is, so we can be happy, and not be afraid of making good friends in the way because our hearts will forever remain together.

I love all my friends!!!! ^_^ God bless you all, dudes!

"So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love."
I Corinthians 13:13

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Dragonfly said...

Hey dear Zsue... It is not fair to make a woman cry at 6:45 in the morning.

I really apreciate your beautiful words. I hope this friendship last forever even distances...