Apr 14, 2009

Leroy... Again

God bless my hometown, my home, my country, and the wonderful Wi-Fi that allows me to have Internet while sipping a galss of very pink Cosmopolitan. Minutes ago my creditcard just reached it's limit, and I hope it did only that and didn't run into some + $2500 of limit, for which I'll have no coverage whatsoever. It will be then time to talk to my Credit Card company. Other than that, "Love is in the Air", or so that says the guy singing in the radio. Kari will arrive any minute, from a day which we had spent mostly separated. I do have pictures, but I don't have the cable with me right now to upload them for you to see.

I went to the Fine Arts Museum, next to our Square of Heroes, to watch an exhibition of posters made by my favorite artist, Alfons Mucha. His art is breathtaking, and having the chance to watch them up close was awakening. Senses became sharper, as ----

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