Apr 24, 2009

Pre-Post About The Contents of My Bag

My friend Dragonfly, God bless her heart, made this interesting post yesterday about the contents of her bag. She published pictures and the whole shebang, and it was so much fun, that I thought I'll do so myself. You are wondering where the post and the pictures are, don't you? Well, you gara wait. You see, due to a series of inconveniences with my job and Azrael (the laptop I use, yes, formerly known as Nyikolaj Rosztov, but since the presence of the Cyber-demon is stronger in him, I call him by the name of its possessor), I've been carrying an unholy amount of stuff in my bag. Bag, btw, which I had to switch to an old, mustardish-yellow backpack, which doesn't even look as good as the one on the picture. (Yeah, because for the pictures, the fill the backpacks with shoeboxes and empty pastic bags, but I bet that backpack won't look nearly that handsome when put to real use.)

A quick review of my current contents (no pictures because this is not the actual post. That I'll prepare calmly at home, with a more "up to what's normally in my bag" version of things), would include the following items:

  1. A pink plastic folder with Oriflame catalogues (April and May), the Oriflame bulletin, some printed papers I still have to look at and a stack of pink, letter size paper sheets I use for letter writing (sort of my "stationary").
  2. Nagi, my laptop
  3. Nagi's mouse (his own, inner one is broken, so he has an external one)
  4. Nagi's cables
  5. My journal (because it seems writing four blogs is not nearly enough for me)
  6. A cloned book about Global Commodity Chains. Extremely boring, but I have to read it to make our thesis tutor happy.
  7. A small notebook with a lot of notes in it.
  8. A small notebook with the Oriflame orders.
  9. My PDA
  10. My wallet
  11. A small bottle with vitamin capsules.
  12. An ecological bag, which Kari got for me in Krakow, for shopping, so I don't have to use the plastic bags the shops usually give us with our purchase.
  13. My pencil case with:pens, pencils, markers, eraser, a small case of led for my led pencil, three pendrives, ink cartridges for my fountain pen and earphones.
  14. My makeup bag... which contents I won't go into now.
Backpack pocket
  1. handcream
  2. keys
  3. presentation card holder
  4. mobile phone
  5. my mobile's cables
  6. my change purse
  7. chap stick
  8. antibacterial gel
  9. Salbutamol pump (I'm asthmatic, remember?)
  10. chewing gum
  11. Renu contact solution
  12. contact lens' case
  13. paper tisue packs.
Bag thing is that, yeah, that pretty much sounds like what I carry around normally... Anyway, wait for the real entry, with pictures of the real thing, so we shall see what the hell I carry around so much.

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Dragonfly said...

Wow... andamos casi igual de cosas... solo que no cargo la portátil todos los días. por cierto quiero ponerle un nombre... pero no se me ocurre ninguno... Creo que sacaré un concurso en el blog... Jajajaja

Besos ;)