Apr 8, 2009


It's 6:49 am. Outside an hour ago some workers started making noise drilling something. Well, we are in Vienna, what can I say? Kari is asleep, so I finally get enought time to be around Nagi and write some. Ain't funny either that we are both coming down with the flu. Thanks to him, you mind. Hell, sharing a disease ain't the most sexy or the most romantic thing I can think of.

Vienna in the Spring is beautiful, except that they have chosen this moment to do some remodeling on the city. As we arrived, the trainstation was littered with bags and garbage. Parts of the Westbanhof were closed with hideous wood pannels covering former beautiful gardens, and add to it, large chunks of the Herrengasse were turned up because they want to change the cement blocks of the boulevard. It annoyed me, to say the least. On top of every annoying thing, we went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum and they didn't have my candy. The sole thing I went for, and it was gone. Talk about being upset.

The hotel, as usual, was nice, save that this room has a hideous bathroom. My goodness, the deception. If you can, avoid the Mariahilfe straße side of the Hotel Pension Continental. All the other bathrooms are beautiful, but this one has a hideous one. My boyfriend, given his expertise in the mattero of construction and real state says it's a "mobile bathroom". I don't care for the name it has, I simply call it "darn ugly".

However, sickness, darn ugly bathrooms, littered streets and no candy aside, this place is lovely and I love being here. Well, maybe I shall wait until my credit card balance comes, and I have to pay for a small... ummm... "expense" I had to make. Well, it ain't my fault that H&M has such great clothes, and I did have a wonderful time picking up some skirts and blouses.What I like about the skirts I bouth is that they are not your traditional short, tight, sexy skirts, but they are somewhat wide and reach your knees. The flow of them are fun and very comfortable. One of them, my favorite, I must say, is a bit big for me, so probably I'll have to take in from the waist to make it fit, and yet, it's a lovely piece. (It has pockets! Nothing as good as a wide skirt with pockets because that way you can put stuff in it, like you cell, and it won't bulge out! It's simply magnificent!)

I realized one other thing. Though it is widely known that my favorite color in the whole wide universe is green, I tend to but and unhealthy amount of brown and neutral colored clothes. I had to actually conciously stop myself yesterday at H&M when I realized I was carrying an armful of brown, beige, grey and raw colored clothes to the changing cabins. Clothes were pretty, and really, they all looked good, but why on Earth should one go around melting into the background? Not that I picked bold colors, buut I made a change. I picked blouses of bolder colours, and went with a CLOSET of clothes to the changing cabins to see how things fit together. The excercise was actually a great experience. You see, you can always learn something, get something and see something new.

I guess, when you go shopping you can follow these simple rules (among others you might have) to have a successful experience:
  1. Try on all the clothes you want to buy. Trust me, they might look good on the hanger, but you are not a hanger. Sometimes, some pieces are not cut well, and the flaws only show when you put the piece on.
  2. If you are displeased with something about the piece, DO NOT BUY IT! Remember, usually is that one little detail we dislike that makes the piece to live forever in the bottom of the closet.
  3. Be daring. When you pick and ensamble, take something else, of some lively color, or some new color, and take it with you to the changing cabin. Try it on. The worst thing that could happen would be that it doesn't look good, or that the colors don't match well, but at least you would be trying something new, and letting a new side of yourself get expressed.
Never forget that you are complex and delicious, and you have the right and the duty of being all you can be.

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