Apr 7, 2009

Train to Wien

Maybe it is because whether I like it or not, I was brought up in a Latin environment, but everytime I think about trains a song by Soda Stereo comes to my mind:

"No voy en tren,
Voy en avión.
No necesito a nadie,
A nadie a mi alrededor."

Maybe I'm just too Hilly-Billy, who knows. One thing is certain, and that would be that it has been quite some time since I wrote last time. Well, I was engaged with that small little pit of despite and deception I fondly call "job", and then I was doing my best to get some progress regarding my thesis, and then I was trying to do something about my luggage, with all the packing and stuff, and then I was trying not to forget anything, rescheduling a reservation I wrongly made for a day before our actual arrival, and then I was travelling. Dude, I'll tell you one thing: Costa Rica might be some black listed country, up to the eyeballs in corruption and debt, but Costa Rica has the only airport I know with a DECENT Wi-Fi connection, which happens to be FREE. Well, I didn't wrote then here, on Saturday, because I was way to busy talking on Skype with my BF, and then writing a small remark on my Hungarian blog. Go figure.

Well, things went fine. I managed to get across the Atlantic Ocean with to unharmed suitcases. One of 24Kg (should have been 2oKg) and a cabine suitcase of 16Kg (which should have been only 10Kg). Didn't leave the airport in Paris to go see my beloved Paris, even though I had like four hours, but I did go to this Brasserie called FLO on the corner of terminal 2F, where I had my escargots á la Bourgogne, and some Heineken to go with it. I'm still not sure I'm handling the cutlery as I should, but I'm getting more and more dexterous with them.

Yesterday I heard something, though I'm not sure about it. A friend of mine said that snails shout loud when they are cooked for this dish. Well, that only adds to the experience. ^_^ I love my food loud and passionate.

I've a lot of stuff to do, yet I didn't do any of them yesterday, when I was supposed to start doing my tasks, because I was engaged arranging things at the bank and then trying to but the perfect little bag for my stuff. First of all, Hungary is filled with cheap looking bags that cost way too much money. Then again, the only thing more expensive than bags are shoes. There was this lovely pair or father flat pumps, black, simple, I would have been happy buying at 20€. Well, no. The shoes costed about 70€. I'm not paying that amout for some plain shoes, I'm sorry to tell ya. What the hell happened here? Okay, okay, I'm famous for swipping the card first and probably never asking for the price, but still, I didn't remember things being this insanely expensive... and bags being so ugly. At the end, on the matter of the bag, I found a very lovely textile bag, black, non-descriptive at a Chinese store, perfect for my lap top and with room to pack in it. Lovely and simple. Price? Around 10€. I'm comfortable with that.

I'm moving. We are on the train, travelling towards Wien. Lands of green and sun, gentle and warm, but never hot, swept over with blosoming freshness stretch before our eyes in a delicious, good naturely laughing blur. I can love this land. I love this land.

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