Apr 22, 2009

Standing for What's Right

On Monday we had a conversation, which he himself started. I believe I told him what I feel, what I think, what I see, with no filters. No consideration for his feelings, his situation, no diplomatic approach, but down right the Status Qvo of my labor. It took a good part of the morning, mainly because I led the conversation and cut him off his wondering by showering upon him all the flaws of his chieftenship, the often mistakes in the job, the undervaluation of my profesional time, the fact that he takes me for a secretary or an engineer when I am not... and I didn't even had the chance to talk about his attitude.

He didn't learn. He didn't understand. He went back to do the same.

"Prepare my presentation for the Quality Group."

Fuck, I wonder how does he do it, to be so shameless. How can he pretend for over a year to lead a quality team when he doesn't know about quality, and then how does he pretend to talk about "Customer's Experience" when he doesn't even know the meaning of "decent human treatment". He's going to preach about the right way to treat the client when he can't wait to exploit others? When he lives only to abuse those he can in any way abuse?

He's hurt. I can tell that. Too bad I'm not affraid.

So it happens that Azrael is kicking the shit again. So I had to ask the IT to come look at it, and then ask for the HP people to come and look at the computer. I called the Director's asistant and requested her to do the contact. She did and the guy actually came today in the morning (and fucked up the computer even more). I sent the mail, with copy to my boss, so he knows what's going on. Well, he sent a mail, with copy to HIS boss saying that it was imperative that my computer was fixed because I had "almost a month's delay" in my job. What a motherfucker.

That was yesterday. I took a day to think on the matter, and then today I replied the mail. I started saying that the asistent had fixed me with the HP tecnician, who would be coming today: I added also that I noticed he said my job was delayed a month due to the problem with the computer, and that wasn't entirely the case. (That's not the case at all.) He had to consider that we had problems with the provider, who wasn't sending us the reports on time, which was delaying us, which I noticed, but nothing has been done so far, plus the fact that there was no order, no priority with the tasks at the process. A lot of small, instant jobs had to be done and that delayed greatly my regular work, which was postponed until after smaller tasks, unplanned, smaller tasks were fulfilled. Add to it, I was out the past two weeks. Finally, it was important to keep in mind that all these smaller jobs were properly fulfilled and rendered in time, therefore there was no ground to say that all my job was delayed, or that it was delayed due to the computer.

I sent it to everybody who had received his mail.

A lot of people would say I shouldn't have to do it, but Giselle said it was the right thing to do, when I commented it to her. She's a lawyer and she has been advising me on this matter. Like I felt it, she found that my boss was placing the blame on me for the not delievered work, which is mainly his fault. By copying his boss and the asistant of his boss' boss, he was making me look like some slow poke worker, who has this "excuse" of having problems with the computer to cever her delays in meeting deadlines of rendering any jobs at all. It did pissed me off that I am working as fast as I can, shouldering the stuff that has to be done, making it on time, because, sorry, I do not do "delays", unless I am delayed, and I want to stress that out very clearly that all delays in my job have been thanks to him, and him not being able to handle the job.

What would happen if I let the mail go unanswered? His boss would think that if the computer is fixed, he can depómand for all the jobs, not to mention that he would think that all de delays my boss has incurred on are due to me. Baloney! A lot of things can be said of me, but being a bad worker is not one of them.

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