Apr 28, 2009

Swine or Whale

Once upon a time I used to know a girl whom we'll call here simply The Whale. Among friends we used to call her affectionately "the whore", but after yesterday's "avistamiento" (a word used in Spanish to describe witnessing extraterrestial activities, or "sighting", but somehow in Spanish this time around sounds much more proper), I believe we will continue refering to her a "La Ballena Josefina" or simply "Josefina". Josefina is a whale from a very old Japanese animated series. She's this whale who lives in the fantasy of this kid, whom we knew as "Santi", short for Santiago. She was really small, but Santi could make her big by wishing her big and then go on all kinds of stories and adventures. I always hated that series because it was unbelievably corny. Anyway, you know how it is, that your mind keeps record of a lot of things you don't want to remember, because, really, it's embarrassing.

Well, thing is that I haven't seen The Whale in years already, lost track of her life and the whole deal. You see, she and I were friends a long, long time ago, but then life took us on different paths (basically I had to extrincate myself away from her needy, lie-based personality). Last time I heard from her, she was planning to marry her boyfriend and was "putting up a bit of weight", which, really, wasn't so good because her whole self esteem system lays on her appearance, on the attention of others and, well, she always had a problem with her weight, particularly the flaccid way in which lard sat on her frame.

The "sighting" occured yesterday. I was traveling on the Alajuela-San José bus that goes across Heredia, when it made a usual stop at the Universidad Interamericana. Herds of private university kids gather there. Some attend classes and others skip them by going to the Paseo Las Flores Mall. I had my light aqua hood on, San Marco sunglasses, listening to my music and pressing my forehead on the window, thinking about how dark would it be when I arrive to my busstop, should I take a cab, trying not to forget to get home and copy a work file from Nagi to a pendrive so I can work on it today, and.... thinking about Kari and just what a great guy he is. ^_^ What can I say? I'm a woman in looooooooooove. As the bus was moving slowly to continue towards the center of Heredia, I saw a clog of what seemed to be students greeting each other and looking around as if to decide where to go and when... typical, you know. Checking the traffic lights, looking for a missing friend or something. I didn't notice much except when this big black mole turned her head. Thick greasy black hair stiffed up with a concoction of hairgel and hairspray LIBERALLY applied, almost as if she had confused herself with some hot dude, gel and spray with lube and her own out-of-style bags with a hard cock. Note: "it sounds good in gay fiction, it looks bad on hair!!!". Then there was the puffy cheeks and the battered glasses.

Glasses. I shouldn't say much because my Kari has the most chipped, twisted, scratched glasses in the universe and I love the way he looks in them, but really, dude, change those glasses, or repair them, or stop wearing them! How expensive can it be to get a new pair or have those repaired? I'm sure at least a jewelry maker can polish the frame and remove the chipped painting, and put on a decent treatment. I'm a contact lens kind of person, and everybody knows that, but I also have glasses, two pairs to be exact, and even so I don't like wearing glasses, I take care of them. Why can't other people do the same?

Anyway, when I recognized the head, I noticed the body on which it was set. It was of the size of China. I don't know, maybe it was the tacky black sweater she was wearing, maybe she was escaping from home and did the Anne Frank thing and put on al her clothes to be less conspicuous, or maybe I'm the only person who doesn't know this and black actually makes you look fat. Maybe she's happily married and pregnant... though then her pregnancy got also to her back and arms, because that's what I saw. Whatever it was, I remember I thought: "Look at that HUGE black hole!" And yeah, it fit her. One look and what came to mind was: big, black and you want to get away from it. Poor thing, really.

People like The Whale makes you think of the truth behind the sentence: "Your attitude eventually catches up with you ". People don't think about it seriously, but really, if you are cool and nice to people, you life a nice, happy, cool life. Whatever attitude you take is the destiny that awaits you. It's as if life were out there to give you what you send. If you complain and complain, you get more things to complain about. And well, actually, if you live to complain, all you'll notice is the bad things, so you'll continue complaining.

If you are messy and don't care for doing things right, then all things will turn bad. If you put no effort in success, then you'll get failures. If you surround yourself with lies, then lies is what you'll get.

The Whale, well she made me smile thinking of a few jokes. Well, I thought the nick "The Whale" was better suited than "The Swine", because I saw her in the town I live, and if she has the flu, I really would like to avoid having the swine flu anywhere near. Then again, swines don't beach, while whales tend to beach... and The Whale bitches, and for the looks of it, also beaches. (Probably went beaching on Easter). A small joke came to my mind also.

"Boss, I guess it's time you give me that promotion."
"The Whale took a flight this morning to Orlando."
"So, you said I'll get the promotion when pigs fly."

Hehehehe... oh, I know. ^_^ But you love me nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Ha. Hahahahaa. Jijijijiji.. Hohohoho... I shouldn't really be laughing about this, but OMG... I know I'm definitely not one to talk, but it's just that she is always so worried about what people say and then talking crap about those around her that all I can think of is: Payback's a bitch!

It really has to suck when you have badmouthed and stepped over people's feelings and self esteem in public and privately as well, just to become like that.

The pics are hillarious! :D

And, hey, Bunny Bunny, did you talk about the stories for the "With Caution" book? I saw Remi but I was too busy reading the whole Whale issue. :)

It was lovely talking to you yesterday! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Storm Bunny said...

Oh, no, no... but WE should (mention the "With Caution" book's stories), unless we are focusing on that Primal Principle: "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy", which really should be a fic-dare, I may say, With/Without, Supernatural or anyway kind of fandom in the area (except HP unless you reformulate it as "Save a broom, ride a Quidditch Player/Wizard/Professor/Weasley", for which I believe I'm game ^_^).

The book's cover was used to illustrate "gay fiction", which I used to reference to describe her unique way for styling that mop of folicules she calls "hair".

As for the "Payback Time", I'm sorry to say (no, I'm not) that she had it coming. Either she earned her "three doors" for karma, or for getting depressed and eating away her feelings, like they say, you reap what you sow, and this is exactly what she has so labouriously worked for since we know her.