Apr 29, 2009

Live and Love in Writing

It has been awaken in me, the flame for writing fiction. It has been renewed in me the desire to pour myself in letters, write out my mind, my desires and its many possibilities, live the lives I cannot live, the lives I won't live. Fiction, stories... and more. I have been writing stories in my mind that don't reach the paper or the laptop. I have been writing also words for my Kari, that don't reach still the paper, but live there, in my head, in my heart, on my lips and burn in desire, in desperation to be spoken, written and thus be born.

Writing is a powerful way of traveling. Writing takes you to people. I write to Kari and feel him with him, think about him and laugh with him, smile at him, kiss him, touch him, whisper in his ear my desire to lick up his lobe gently, slide my hand down his chest and tell him how good he looks tonight and suggest the kind of thoughts that wakes in me.

I think of stories for Carrie, my shota-hunter, to let her know I love her and I think of her and we still share a deep vein, that slash, yaoi or whatever you wish to call it, is still our common ground, it still makes our hearts race.

I write, for myself, to keep myself, to wrap around me and bask in my, in who I am and feel the swirl, the strenght, the current of what lives inside me flap around me and live around me, not only in me, and smile, laugh and dance. I love being me, and thus I write. I write for them, for you, for myself and so, I take this path to express love.

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Dragonfly said...

Well... I really like to write and imagine my life as someone else.

I am going to be waiting for your histories...