Apr 2, 2009

Once a Saiyan, Always a Saiyan

Yesterday a friend of mine, Vega, sent me some links to watch these trailers of some movie that "might interest me". It was kinda odd, because it said "dragonball". I waved at it. People kinda don't get it that I am no longer an otaku and that anime holds no more interest for me. I mean, like Dude, really, I grew up, why can't you? Oh well.

So, anyways, I was home, minding my own business, checking my iwiw account to answer my dear friend and surrogate Dad, János' message about our plans to go to Mezőkövesd next week, and so on, when on the TV, which I turned on only for "environmental noise" purposes, suddenly started talking about dragonballs. Dude, whadda fuck? It was a trailer for a movie by FOX about... Dragonball. With a (Son) Goku, a (Muten) Roshi and a Bulma. Oh, and a Piccolo. Dude, PICCOLO!!! The fucked up the entire concept of Piccolo Daimaku! The great Mayunia! The Namekuseijin!! T_T And I might not be an otaku anymore, and I may be back at speaking on Occidental languages rather than making Japanese every other word I say, but, Dude, Dragonball. Is there no respect left in this world? I hope there won't be no Vejita Oujisama, or I'll come down tearing FOX to pieces.

I can't believe Akira Toriyama let them do this to the series. Then again, he allowed Dragon Ball GT to happen... and the saga of Majin-Bu. Hell, that was crappy. I ended up looking it up on youtube, and well, saw the trailer... and couldn't believe it. So I was forced to go look for something respectable to wash my eyes clean and pure again. That ended up in a search for snipets of the series, all DBZ, you mind, and that brought me a lot of fond memories. Watching Trunks appear for the first time, turn Super Saiyan, watch him kill Freezer, watch Vejita Oujisama turn Super Saiyan and say those famous words: "When we turn Super Saiyan we become stronger than normal and we get exited more that we should" (my poor translation). The English dubb made me squint, so I checked for all the Japanese snipets. Dude, I still remember some of my Japanese! It was totemo sugoi desu na! ^_^ I wasn't aware, though, about how highpitched Goku's voice was, but listening again at Trunks and Vejita Oujisama was... out of this world.

The legend of Son Goku, the Monkey King has been used a lot of times, and even made into a movie some time ago, but... Dragonball? Okay, okay, at least they didn't cast Robert "I'm such a delicate, corny flower" Pattinson for the part of Goku, though then again this Justin Chatwin stands closer to Shuichi from Gravitation than our Saiyan. Okay, maybe he could play Goku... in Saiyuki!

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Dragonfly said...


No me pude despedir de ti antes de que iniciaras el viaje... espero que te hayan como siempre recibido con los brazos abiertos, que todo vaya de maravillas por allá, que a todas les gusten tus collares.

Te quiero!